John Wick: The Best 60 Seconds From Each of Keanu Reeves' Four Films

Each John Wick film is packed with thrilling action. However, every installment of the tale contains at least one scene that is already regarded a masterpiece.

For nearly 10 years, the John Wick franchise has displayed some of the best moments in action movies with its well-choreographed stunts and combat scenes.

The John Wick films have not only been a worldwide success, but they have also reinvented the wheel in terms of the genre's potential,

thanks to the series' brilliant use of cinematography and soundtrack, as well as its perfectly cast protagonist. The franchise has had such an impact that practically any action scene from any of the four films can be considered one of the best fight scenes ever.

Aside from the mind-blowing action scenes, the John Wick franchise has received recognition for its storytelling and world-building, both of which have resulted in the production of a spin-off series.

The John Wick saga has gone to tremendous measures to ensure moviegoers have more than just gore and viscera to dig their teeth into, which is unusual for an action film,

let alone a whole franchise. With a John Wick spinoff film in the works and a possible John Wick 5, the original four films already have some of the best action movie sequences.

The John Wick franchise differs from previous action series in that the inciting incident or reason(s) for the plot's occurrence isn't what most longstanding action fans are looking for.

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