Deion Sanders makes a difference, but don't overlook his teammates.

It's time for Coach Prime to feature his players as he desires.Deion Sanders wanted to make a difference in Boulder when he switched to Jackson State.

The achievements of his players have been overshadowed by the reality that he has done more for CU football in the last ten months than he has in the previous ten years.

We frequently forget that this is a club that was essentially assembled from scratch over the course of an off-season with little opportunity to gel.

When you consider it and the logistics of bringing in a "melting pot" roster, it's absolutely amazing. From the beginning, Sanders has made this experience about his athletes

He made it apparent that Pac-12 Media Day wasn't about him when he missed it.The years spent in college might be among the best. You make memories

interact with new people, and learn new things about yourself. What a student-athlete experiences during their college career is never discussed.

The demanding study sessions or the pressure to memorize your assignments for the game while getting ready for a pop quiz that you forgot to study for.

It's the same challenges that the Colorado Buffalo football team faces. We regrettably don't discuss them or their accomplishments. We learn about their Hall of Fame coach instead.

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