Deion Sanders’ Insane Clock Management Highlights Another Colorado Loss

If you’re looking for something to do this morning, go back into the archives and read some of the crap said about Deion Sanders after he won a few games at Colorado since, predictably, it hasn’t aged well. Skip Bayless alone stated that the man would lead the Dallas Cowboys to several Super Bowls and that comparing him to Phil Jackson was an insult to lead Prime. Phil Jackson! The dude won 11 NBA championships.

Sanders was dubbed the “Jurassic Park” Nick Saban or Jim Harbaugh, or some kind of hybrid blending genes from both the Michigan Man and the Alabama great.

In the real world, the Buffaloes are currently 4-5 after falling to Oregon State at home Wednesday night. A retooled offensive approach yielded little results, and Sanders’ puzzling coaching choice soon before halfway cost Colorado seven points in a game they lost by the same amount.



With the ball at their own 5-yard line and down 7-3 with 49 seconds left, Colorado could have easily run the ball three times — or kneeled the ball three times — and either totally run the clock out or been able to run the clock out with an out-of-bounds putt or heave. Instead, Sanders elected to throw on the first two plays. Each attempted an incompletion.

They then decided to force the Beavers to spend one of their two timeouts and raced into the line, forcing them to return the ball. Oregon State scored right away to grab a 14-3 halftime advantage and never looked back.

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Some instructors see things the way they are and explain why. Coach Prime fantasizes about things that never were and says, “Why not?” This is how it appears at times. But, hey, the program is back, so losing is truly a win, or so we’ve been informed.


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